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    Questions about Norephedrine

    I have heard that norephedrine has the same fat-burning ability as ephedrine (if not greater), but does not stimulate the CNS as much.....which would be just awesome. Any feedback from someone who has used it, or knows anything about it would be appreciated.

    Also, I am going to stack it with yohimbine and caffeine (NYC), which I heard would be a dangerous combo with Ephedrine, but it works wonderfully with norephedrine.....any thoughts on that?


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    Its not that dangerous with ephedrine, but yeah it is a little safer with norephedrine.

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    be careful of people selling nor-e, it is practically impossible to get. Its manufacture and import regulated out of existance by the DEA.

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    it is not as thermogenic, though it may seem more because it raises surface temp. It is a much better appetite suppressant.

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