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Thread: whey protein

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    whey protein

    ive read that all protein is compared to eggwhites in a chart with egg whites being 100% (i cant remember what it was exactly) and i also read in the same article that on that chart the only protein that was higher quality for which ever reasons is whey protein powder! now my question, is this true?

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    Its not cut and dry, egg whites are good for protein but they also have other stuff in it. Whey protein isolate is essentially pure protein with very little added to it. Also it depends on what your needs are from the given protein you choose. If you want a faster digesting protein, say pwo protein shake, you want whey protein isolate. If you want a more sustained realease of protein you want egge whites or solid protein filled food, like chicken, beef and fish. Also good for slower digesting proteins check out micellar casein protein.

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