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Thread: side effect?

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    side effect?

    i posted this in the steroid section but maybe i can get some answers here.

    i did a lot of research before i bought any pro-hormones because i'm older and wiser and of course i don't want to get ripped off. not to long ago i saw a friend buy some fake stuff with animals on it, it was so obvious, just a bunch of bull**** claims. so i looked at every post i could get my hands on regarding m1t 4-ad and the pct's. i decided that it looked like this stuff had some real potential benefits, after all peer review beats all hands down. so i am only in my second day of 5mg of m1t and 1 pump of 4-ad, i am not expecting anything until around a week or so because a lot of people have said it takes a little while to kick in. here where you all come in. a lot of people here have tried this stuff and i am wondering if any one has had any sides from the 4-ad. today i rubbed it in after a shower and before the gym and ten minutes after i did i felt amped. it was great for the gym but i am still amped with sort of a long lasting hot flash. i'm not sure if it's the 4-ad, m1t, or both. ok so i know you guys need something to go on so here it is. i am 31 years old in 5'4 tall 140 lbs, i am a very hard gainer because i am short and was always skinny but i have been lifting since high school i eat right and from that i am in very good shape, enough to spend 16 months in the dessert if you see what i mean. also is the fina sold on ar-r only for hair loss or does it have other benefits? i tried to include a pic but maybe someone can tell me what i'm doing wrong. thanx for all the help this board has been the most supportive out of all i have been reviewing.
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    transdermal 4-ad is very fact acting, thats why you need to take it at least twice a day. Check out the m1t faq for a better cycle than what are you planning. M1t takes a few days to kick in but when it does you will know it. Some people get really lethargic while on m1t, this is do to the speed of how fast it shuts down your hpta and the fact that it kills your blood-sugar levels, making you almost temporarily glycemic while using it if you don't keep your carb intake up.(this is why m1t is not used for cutting cycles) Finasteride from ar-r is used primarily for stopping hair loss.

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    Im on day 11, following NSA's sample cycle of M1T and 4derm. I'm up from 183lbs to 194lbs, and honestly I cant see much more fat than was there before. No lethargy, no back pumps and no sides at all. Stuff makes my workouts incredible. Pumps and muscle soreness are awesome. Weights and reps are up for all exercises. I strongly recommend you follow NSA's M1T faq sample cycle, you wont be sorry. I know I'm not.

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