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    has anyone tried joe weider creatine capsules?

    I recently bought joe Weider creatine capsules just for the hell of it they were cheap and I thought I would try a new brand. I usually use cell tech which tates like sh*t to me, as well as being a little pricey. I was wondering if anyone had tried this product and what kind of results they achieved? I know capsules arent typically thought of highly b/c they do not absorbed as well as powder but I thought I would give it a try having faith Joe wouldnt put his name on a bad product, would he?

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    No, buy some big ass bucket of creatine, spend 30-40$ it will last you forever. i have a huge tub of it i have had for about 2 years. I spend like 50$ It has like 5000 grams

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    I usually buy my creatine from nutrex in their vitargo, so i dont have to seperate my grape juice from my creatine so they get absorbed at the same time.

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