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    Flavor ideas for unflavored whey...

    I got a huge sack (pauses) of unflavored whey powder. On a cutting diet, and I was told to mix it with unsweetened koolaide and add splenda...I can't get it to taste good....Got the splenda, but could not any tubs of unsweetened koolaide, other then the tiny little packets so that's what I ended up buying...I experiemented by mixing the two in tupperware then tasting and ended up doing 5 parts splenda and 1 part koolaid...I put about two spoonfuls of the mixture and 50g of unflavored whey into water. It just tastes bad. Anyone have any ideas of flavorings other than koolaide?

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    Give crystal light a try. But mix up the crystal light in water first, then add it to your pro powder.

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