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    transdermal M1T vs pill form M1t

    is the trans version better then the pill. the companies that make the trans type say it saves the liver so i am looking for any one who has done both types and give a honest reveiw and say which one is better

    reason for asking i just started my M1t by higher power (any good?) today and i am 35yr and 192lbs@19%bf i am not stacking it with anything because i want to see results from the product. i will go for 2 weeks at 10mg for the first 5 days then go up another 10mg after that. then i will pct with 6oxo and tribb and milk thistle for the next 3weeks then hit m1t again stack with 19nor trans for 3 weeks. i will let you know hows it turns out

    then a good layoff till about feb but i was thinking of going with the trans type if its any good, but as you know the ban is on the way so i need to know if it worth getting now? or just stick with the pills


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    umm.. why would they even make a trandsermal METHYL-1t seems pointless.

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    No point in making a transdermal m1t. It is not broken down by the liver or the gi tract before being absorbed. Sounds like a scam to over charge users for the same product.(i.e. like vpx does all the time)

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    They offer M1T which is supposed to be absorbed orally which is around 99%.

    The transdermal 1 Test is NOT methylated because it bypasses the liver it has around a 45% absorbtion rate.

    It is the same compound but the trans is used to avoid liver toxicity only downside is that only around 45-50% gets absorbed

    They both work M1T working slightly better(Higher Power makes good M1T ive used it)

    Stock up now you only have 3 months before they stop selling it.

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