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    Injectectable supplements that are legal?

    Hey Guys, I had a quick question that I've been pondering about for quite awhile, I've never injected juice nor plan to for quite awhile but was wondering if there were any supplements I could perhaps "practice" with...if that makes sense...Yea, kinda a weird question, I've heard B-12 injectable is pretty steller yet I've only seen vetinary grade, so can anyone help a brotha out? hehe, thanks.

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    B12 is a good supplement to practice with. There isn't anything wrong with the vet grade b12. I used it and had no problems. If you want, shoot me a pm and I'll send you the link of the stuff I used.

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    1-test cypionate is an injectable PS. for injectable B12, click on AR-R at the top of the page. they sell it.

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