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    What time should these supps be taken?

    Ok, im about to start a cycle of m1t along with a few other supps and was curious at what times these should be taken for the biggest benefit...

    here's what im taking, and when i was thinking of taking it

    Glutamine (with my last shake before bed, in my PWO shake-at around 11:30)
    Creatine (with my meal before workout, in my PWO shake-at around 11:30)
    m1t (5mg at 7:00am, 5mg at 7:00pm)
    4ad (200mg at 7:00am, 200mg at 7:00pm)

    then in 4 weeks, ill be taking Nolvadex , Clomid, and milk thistle...if you have any advance info on when i should take those, that'd be great, thanks

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    i personally enjoy the creatine with my pct it helps to maintain strength and not with cycle cuz ur going to be getting stronger on the m1t then when u get off u can use the creatine to help get even stonger and to maintain ur gains from the cycle...good luck bro

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    Do yoga not steroids!!!
    I agree with justin. Save the creatine for pct.

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