Hey Bros:

Need a tasty casseinate protein, any suggestions?? Also looking to add in glutamine, what the cheapest and best stuff.

Basicly looking to supplement next few months this.
2x myoplex strawberry (42g protein each serving)
1x Casseinate Proteing (bedtime)
20g Glutamine/day (4 gram servings)
10g Creatine/day (postworkout)

will be eating a strict but bulking diet:
- breakfast: oatmeal, eggwhites, fruit
- 2x chicken breasts, brown rice, vegetables
- turkey breast sandwich yogurt, salad
- steak, potatoes, vegetables, and salad
- this is just an overview, fruits and vegatables are spread out through the day.

Any suggestions for the Casseinate?? What other supps u guys think might be helpful. Oh, Im 185, fairly lean, been lifting for about two years, all natural.