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    combination fatburners?

    a question about topic creams. I am looking to lose weight in my face and the love handles and gut a bit, just wondering what would be a good combination of fat burners to use with tohimburn. Also which is better, DF or ES. have a low caloir diet planned, just need a bit help on the supplements. juiced a while ago and still have some of the puffyness in my body even after 3 years. want to get rid of it. Wasn't like this until i juiced, need to finally get rid of this puffyness. Want o lose the bulky look and cut up a bit, still a low body fat % like 10%.but used to be way lower. Also can you take ephidrine hcl or xpendrine while on other fat burners. Anything to help. Thanks and hope you guys got some good info. Still looking to get some clen , really want to try that.
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