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    Smile Myo-Blast Question (Worth looking at/ educated question)

    I'm asking out of curiosity and because i've been told otherwise by others (not salespersons or unreliable sources).

    How many hear have actually tried Myo-Blast and saw no change or negative results?

    I have read the forum's responses to similar questions, yet i ask this because alot of times people tell what they've heard and some supplements get a bad rep before they have the chance to be tried by enough people to actually earn that rep.

    All responses will be greatly appreciated, thanks alot.

    - Alluicious

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    If your asking about a myostatin blocking supplement it doesn't work. It is not possible to block your myostatin gene unless your like flex wheeler or that baby(both have a genetic mutation that blocks the effects of myostatin.) Its not gene therapy in a bottle.

    You can not take a supplement to change your genetic make-up...

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