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    m-1,4-add cycle question

    im currently on m1t and 4ad. i have about 2 weeks left then i start my pct. for my next PH cycle, i was thinking about taking m-1,4-add. can anyone tell me how to cycle it? also, what should i use for my pct? i want to order everything now so i dont have to worry about waiting to get it later because ive heard its gonna be illegal in January and plus, i live in Hawaii so it might take a little while for me to receive my supplements.. thanks

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    m1,4 is best used at 90mgs and higher could even go to 200mgs but work your way up. its ok to use up to 6 weeks. pct with nolva and/or clomid aftercycle. use nac, milk thistle, ala to protect liver during and after cycle.

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    IMO 120-150 mg ED would work well for most, I ran 180 mg (higher than normal) double dose of S1+ for 4 weeks.

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