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    Exclamation L-Arginine Heart Attack?

    Alright... now a heart attack is a little far fetched but I began taking L-arginine this morning.. took 2 grams this morning with breakfast and everything was ok the first few hours but starting this afternoon I began having chest pains... They aren't horrible but they are there and they are only on the left side right where my heart is... I took NO2 before and I got similar chest pains... I have been told this increases blood flow.... which makes your heart work harder... is it possible that the L-arginine could actually cause heart damage? I am not going to take it anymore as it is not worth the risk anyways... but I wondered if anyone else has had similar problems.... Appreciate any comments.

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    I have not heard of it being dangerous to your heart. In fact, the studies I found seem to show just the opposite. Still, if you are having problems from taking Arg or NO supps, I would stop taking them.

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    i had no problems with arginine. i took 2 morning, 3 pre workout, and 2 evening. Never had any pains, guess everyone reacts diff. to supplements.

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    Yea It actually increases heart health.... Usually heart problems are in the centre of the chest! but maybe discontinue non the less

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