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Thread: horse pills

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    horse pills

    I just got my ON amino 2222 pills, all 325 of em at 2.222 grams a piece. I told the guys across the hall to watch out cuz I might need the heimlich, sure nuff it got caught in my throat. I grabed another and split it in half and still had some trouble w/ it. The rest I ground up into a powder with my ID card. Imma deffinetly haffta get a pill crusher.

    Anyone else swallow small children 6 times a day?

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    I used to take aminos that were freakin' gigantic. I've never had any problems taking pills, I usually down all my supps and vitamins in one shot, that's several pills. But those huge ass aminos were a bitch. I always had someone present just in case they got stuck. And they usually did get stuck. Let me just say I don't take them anymore.

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    I stopped taking aminos after this frightening discovery:

    Sometimes in the summer, when it's real humid and hot, I would puke after squats, don't know why, it just happens to me. Lactic acid build up? CNS stress?

    Well, guess what I saw in the gym toilet? These ****ing huge almost totally undissolved horse pills. These pills were taken hours before. If they are not dissolving in stomach acid, I am probably absorbing little to no AA's.

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