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    cycle advice plus inconjunction with vpx 's aromadex

    would this product be beneficial to take during a "wet" prohormone cycle to counteract bloat and potential gyno. It contains h-ad4 and ox6. planning on starting a m14ad and trans 4ad and 4oh deca (non methylated) stack. I have nolva and clom for pct , i ordered this long time ago and based on my research was thinking about using it during cylcle(or pour it down the sink ). any advice would be appreciated. Also thinking about starting cycle .....something like this..

    days 1-10 400 mg trans 4ad ed
    days 2-12 10 mg MIT ed
    days 13-22 90mg m14ad diol ed
    days 13-22 400 mg trans 4ad ed
    days 13-22 200 mg 4-0h deca ed

    i only want to take methys for 3 weeks max and would like to use both m1t and m14ad. Starting the 4ad a day early worked well last time around. took m1t before with good results previouslly but started having unbearable sides after 15 days with great results through ten. so blending the two in one three weeker seems like a good idea( but not at the same time)..

    Thanks again.
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