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    Arrow creatine question

    I have been taking creatine specifically Vitargo cgl by Nutrex for the past 3 weeks while working out, i recently started a new job at the UPS last week and the job has got me so sore and tired that i have no energy or strength to get a good workout, so for the past week i havnt lifted at all, i still am maintaing a clean diet and getting some cario in every day, MY Question is should i keep taking creatine after work (which is basically a work out, i move up to 70 pound boxes for 3 hours straight), or stop taking it untill i am able to workout again once my body gets more used to this job? what i have been doing is taking half doses every night still, hoping for recovery aid.

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    i think stop untill u can go back to the gym because Vitargo CGL is expensive creatine and it would be a waste to take it if its only to maintain gains or minimal results.

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    yo man i started at ups to 2 weeks ago and the first 3 days i didnt lift i stopped taken my supps in the mean time... but i started jus puttin kong bars or high carb/ protein bars in my pocket and eating them whenever now i have been going to the gym just fine besides my feet hurtin like a mother f*cker and try a high energy drink before too

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