any advice, comments on this cycle

planning on doing

week 1-2:m1,4ad 90 mg ed/

week 1-2:trans 4ad 400mg ed/

week 1-2: vpx's 4hydroxy nandrolane deca 100 mg ed orally(non methylated)

week 3-4:1,4 ad 400mg ed

week 3-4: 4 hydroxy test 150 ed

week 3-4: 4ad trans 400mg ed

week 3-4: 4hydoxy nandrolane deca 200mg ed(non methylated)

week 5-6: m1t 10mg ed

week 5-6: trans 4 ad 400 mg ed

week 5-6:'4hydroxy nandrolane deca 100 mg ed orally(non methylated)

6 week pct with clomid , nolva, milkthistle, clen , and creatine hcl.

letro,nolva, VPX's aromadex(6oxo and forma) on hand just in case

milk thistle ,nac, hawthorne while on cycle

animal pak multi, plus ultra 40 liver /b12 tabs

obviouslly this a bulker any advice on cycle, dosages, and placement of the m1,4ad first 2 weeks and mit last 5,6. also non methylated middle two weeks.

my stats....5'8" 170 15 % body fat. i have gained fifty pounds naturally working out last ten years. 33 years old.