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    anyone try Pro-Turinabol from Gaspari?

    I was wondering if anyone had tried Pro-Turinabol from gaspari? It is supposed to be like some old east german strength steroid ?

    Also anyone try Superdrol and is it still available?

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    Dont mess with the gaspari crap its not even an active steroid it needs to be converted and even if it has a 50% conversion rate which is very very doubtful you would need more then half of 1 bottle per day to notice its effects.

    Superdrol is comming out by the mid-end of next week.

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    It is worthless according to the guys on anabolic minds. I asked a while back. It supposedly doesn't convert to enough turinabol to do jack squat. And even if it had a good conversion rate, the dosage is to small. You'd have to take a crap load of the pills every day. The bottle wouldn't last long. Superdrol hasn't been released yet. The compound is a methylated variant of masteron .

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