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    M-1,4-ADD question

    i am going to cycle m-1,4-add and i was wondering how to take it. if im gonna be taking 120mg ED, should i spread it out through the day? also, im gonna be taking the s1+ transdermal. this is gonna be my first time taking a transdermal..can you help me with the time of day to take it and where to spray it also?

    im planning to do the same cycle as NSA since my stats are kind of similar to his......should i take creatine while doing this stack?? im gonna be taking multivitamins, isopure whey protein, glutamine powder, and milk thistle..

    1-4: 120mg ED m-1,4-add
    400mg ED of s1+ (as directed on label)
    15mg Nolva ED

    5-7: 300mg clomid for first day
    100mg next 10 days
    50mg for final 10 days

    does this look about right?

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    Looks good to me. Save the creatine for pct. Take the s1 after a shower, your pores will be opened up, so it will be absorbed better. As for the taking the m1,4 add, I'll leave that for nsa. Good luck with your cycle.

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    try to split it up at least 3-4 times a day 4 hour incriments for sustained blood saturation.

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