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    Scheduling Transdermal Application

    I'm stacking 4AD (400mg E/D), 1,4 AD (200 E/D) and 40HT (200 E/D). I apply half the daily dosage of each 2x a day, in each case, 12 hours apart. But I am wondering if it is okay to apply all three at the same time 2x a day (i.e., one right on top of other 2x a day, 12 hours apart). If I should space out the applications (i.e., add one, wait some period of time, then add the next, etc . . . ), how far apart should they be spaced?

    Also, would you recommend adding nolva and/or propecia to this stack?

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Do them together, use different spots. I would use arimidex (even though your using 4-hydroxy-test) during the cycle and save the nolvadex to use with clomid during pct.

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