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Thread: M1t be its self

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    Talking M1t be its self

    hey whats goin on, well im gonna order some M1t (while supplies last) and i was planning to do a M1t cycle only this is how it looks (credit to nsa of course)

    weeks 1-4: 10 mg ED M1t
    weeks 1-4: 1500mg ED HBE

    weeks 5-8: 300 mg clomid 1st day, 100 mg next 10 days, 50mg for remaing days.
    week 5-8: milk thistle 1000 mg ED

    since i wont be using any kind of test i wont have to use any nolvadex since m1t doesnt aromatize to estrogen right? i know im gonna have lethargy
    i will proably be using creatine will pct also.

    if everythings legit, what kind of gains can i expect

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    It does not aromatize into estrogen however it has been know to cause gyno through other pathways my guess is prolactin

    Anyways keep nolva on hand just in case.

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    If you throw credit to nsa did you read his entire m1t faq? Just the 1st couple of pages at least? Because if you did you would realise you need to keep essential things on hand and novla is one of them... during the m1t cycle you need to use hawthorn berry and silymarin and Licorice root... During not just after.
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    Read my FAQ again...

    You need testosterone during a cycle like this, you will quickly see why if you don't use anything else. Your sex drive will dissappear and the lethargy will ruin your daily activities. Trans 4-ad/testo will help with more gains. Also, IMO nolvadex is still necessary during PCT, nolvadex is important in restoring your hpta just as clomid is during PCT. (not going into the details of why here as it will take way too much time to explain) If your that interested in this is issue read the recent books by Author L. Rea.

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