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    m-1,4-add/S1+, when to add m4ohn.

    In a few weeks I am going to start a cycle of S1+ and m-1,4-add. I want to add m4ohn for hardness, should I take it throughout the cycle or last two weeks? At what mg?

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    m4ohn will not add hardness to you if your taking m1,4add too much bloat i suggest getting some arimidex to take care of the bloat plus m4ohn takes around 2 weeks just to start working so it would be a waste to throw it in.

    However look into MDHT for hardening but I dont advocate using it with the M1,4add becaus eit would be too much stress on the kidneys/liver.

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    Don't use any other methyl's with m-1,4-add. Too harsh on your liver. Like bryan said, trying to harden up is not really possible with the bloat from m-1,4-add. If you want to harden up use something else.

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