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    Possible gyno with m1t plzz help!!!!

    Im doing a one month cycle of m1t and today marks the 18th day ive been on my cycle. I've been having very good gains in muscle mass and strenght as well , i really feel lin love with this supplement. Until 2 days ago i began to notice that both my pecs (nips) started to look pointy and today its even more noticeable. there definitely gettin pointy even when i flex it seems even more noticeable. should i go ahead and start on some nolva? if so, how many mg per day until my actual pct? also, when i actualy start my pct cycle would i still start the pct cycle the same way as one would on a normal pct cycle even though i already started the nolva while not officialy done with my m1t cycle? I have read a few threads that even recomended using vitex for a case of such. I have been using 4ad as well but in pill form at 900 mg daily and the m1t at 20 mg's daily. someone plzz help me out here!! thx.

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    Bro just ask the question once otherwise it will confuse people. I posted an answer in your other thread.

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