LoL, does this guy ever run out of questions on m1t . sorry for so many threads in one night, heheh but you guys are my mentors. Anywayz, i was wondering how many mg's daily did you guys find to be benificial for keepin B/P in check while on "M1T". Rite now im using 1200 mg's daily, but each capsule is 300 mgs of the extract and 200 mg's of the berrys. I've een takin one capsule with each meal, but i was wondering if i could just take 2 or 3 at a time so that i could break into 2 intakes with meals instaed of having to take it 4 times a day with each meal? the reason i ask is because im sure the body can only absorb so much at a single ingestion, so would that be overkill, trying to consume 3 or 2 (300mg caps) at the same time? thxxx!!!!!