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    Higher Power Nutrition's M1T

    anyone have experience with it? it's the M1t i'm using right now with my M1T/4AD cycle. I started my first week at 5mg ED and moved up to 10mg ED for the second week, however i don't think i'm seeing the results I've heard about. i've gone from 172-177lbs and my bench has increased about 15lbs in 2 weeks. should I increase to 15mg ED???? my goal was to be at 190lbs by the end of the cycle. I feel my 4000 cal diet is plenty for my body weight and i should be gaining more than i am. I haven't experienced any lethargy or other side effects so i'm thinking 15mg ED would be ok. what do yall experienced guys think?

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    They make good stuff ive used it twice. Your getting stronger and youve gainned weight sounds like its working to me. But to many factors are contributing to the non weight gain water intake trainning and most important calories up your cals by 500 and you will start gainning more weight.

    Dont expect 20 pounds everytime i personally shoot for 10 each cycle.

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    Seems like it's working to me.

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