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    any Methl's or legal roids that wont make you looze hair?

    Any of the legal steriods or PH that i can buy before the ban that wont make you looze hair. Methyl 1 test will that make u looze hair etc.

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    look into superdrol(not a promise because its still dht derived) for bulker m4ohn for cutter.

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    Do yoga not steroids!!!
    m1,4add would also be good for bulking.

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    M1t doesnt seem to be to bad on hair loss. I myself am one the is predestined to male pattern baldness (runs in the family). In my m1t cycle i did notice just a tab bit of hair fallin off somewhere around the 9th day or so, so i started supplementing with 2000 mg's of saw palmeto and i have not notice a single hair falling out at this point. Im kinda surprised that saw palmeto was even able to help combat against such, cause many people aid it would do much in that area. Anyays, i still think that m1t is awesome for bulking and if if used with saw palmeto, it should not be a problem as in losing hair.

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