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    Cool M1t + get rid of lethargic

    This is not a question, just an advice

    When I use m1t .. I notice iŽll get tired and yes, Lethargic.

    My solution is my recipe for high carbs but yet protein and creatine!

    When I wake I have my Cheerios with honey and syrup

    gives me so much energy in school, its amazing how sugar can make your study better..

    and 1 hour pre-workout I take my self-made cell tech

    It consists of 15 gr. creatine, 100 gr sugar:--> sugar, 50 gr white sugar and 50 gr fine powdered sugar, Lime-Citrus Ice te mix, Peach Ice te mix.

    Taste really well (but WERY sweet) so I usually put squeese a half-a-lemon into it after mixin with water

    This "product" i made with 500 gr. creatine and .. yes 5000 gr. sugar!

    I take it 1 hour before workout, and soon as I come home, 5-10 mins from my house.

    Theeen before sleep I take my protein

    It is:

    1 scoop kwik size, 1 scoop pro60V, both labrada and taste REALLY fkn great
    (about 70-80 gr. protein ~ 60gr carbs)
    1 banana..
    5 strawberries
    Milk and ice cubes

    Now that makes and good after meal bulking drink

    notice I eat a lot of meat and bread in school, also nitro tech bars and meso-tech bars during the day, usually around 2 bars a day, 1 after workout and one when i am in my computer, or studying
    I have about 12b/f and no need for me to worry about sugar intake

    I noticed everybody here complain about lethargic, but I think you are not eating plenty carbs. m1t is a carb eater and wont work if you dont eat plenty carbs...

    ps. everything in here is IMHO. .. and would not work for everybody.. everone has different bodys.

    btw, during Christmas I lost friggin 5 lbs ... I eat alot, i mean double plate, much grave, potatoes, meat... But now i heading to gain about 30 lbs from Jan to April WITHOUT any illigal stuff or prohormones.

    30 gr Creatine ED + 200 gr carbs ED+ 120 protein gr ED+ hardcore EOD training makes anyone with the mind on the right path big as Ahnould !

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    30 grams of creatine ed is a lot bro. You might want to get your creatinine levels checked out.

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    Whoa! 30g of creatine is a little much. I know I have read in numerous places on this board that your body will not make use of more than 5g per day. Maybe it was per serving. Anyway 15g in a single serving is too much. IMO, you are wasting creatine. Also, if you continue to take that much, make sure you drink a $hit load of water. That is definitely not good for the kidneys. Also, are you using a transdermal 4-AD with your M1T? One of the main reasons for using the 4-AD is to minimize the lethargy. The majority of people who run the 4-AD with M1T do not have too much of a problem with lethargy. This was my experience as well. By the sounds of it, you seem to be eating a lot of carbs which is good. Just thought I would offer my .02. Good luck bro

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