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    M5/Methly Jacked & Finasteride

    Would it simply be a waste to take Finasteride with M5 and/or M-Jack? Would they simply work against, or cancel, each other out? I know one substance converts to DHT and the other inhibits DHT conversion (or something like that). But I was thinking maybe the M5/MJ conversion process occurs in such a manner as to allow them to work together. Anybody have any thoughts on this? Maybe the finasteride will just save the prostate instead of the hair?

    If finasteride is useless in the face of M5/MJ, will topicals like Minox 15% (Dr. Lee), Nizoral 2% and spiro be strong enough to stop/slow major damage from a 3wk M5/MJ cycle? Thanks.

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    stick to the topicals thats your best bet.

    But the Mdht is already 5ar and the m5aa doe NOT use the same enzyme 5ar to convert to dht so the finasteride wont help that either.

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