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    Cycle advice....

    I have read that M4ohn & Superdrol weren't to hard on the liver and have seen a few people using them together in a stack. I know its not recommended to use 2 methyls together, so what do you guys think about it??

    Also read that 19-nor and Mdht make a good stack because they kind of counter act each others sides. what do you guys think? BTW how hepatoxic is Methyl jacked??

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    Do yoga not steroids!!!
    Bump for bryan2 and nsa.

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    They are all relativley mild with m4ohn being the least toxic

    For a good dose id go with 20mg super and 32 mg m4ohn

    use mdht at like 50mg-75mg ed

    Mdht is relativley mild as well just dont go over 75mg i was at 100mg for 2 1/2 weeks and it dryed me out so much my eyes were like sandpaper.

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