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    maltodextrin??? QUESTION IT NEED HELP!!!!!

    Okay I Planned On Useing This Product Along With Some Protien To Make A Meal Replacement/weight Gainer. I Felt This Would Be Very Cheap And Would Have Alot More Servings Than Buying A Brand Name Mrp. Aslo It Would Be Very Easy Way For Me 2 Get In Over 600 Cals. A Meal. I Planned On Consumeing 3 Drink A Day To Make For 3 Of My 6-7 Meals I Eat. The Reason I Chose Maltodextrin Was Because I Read It Was A Complex Slow-diguesting Carb. Now Some One Told Me It Would Be Like Adding Sugar To A Protien Drink And Thats Not What I Want. So Is This True ???????? The Maltodextrin Is Unflavored Along With Protien I Bought. I Was Gonna Mix Them With Low Sugar V8 Splash Has Only 3 Grams Of Sugar Do U Think This Would Be A Good I Idea As Well. I Really Want Some , Please Help!!!

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    Maltodextrin is more slower digesting than dextrose. But that doesn't mean its not absorbed slowly. The reason why I reccomend a malto/dex and protien mix is because the person wants to use a weightgainer. Weightgainers usually are nothing but a bucket of sugar anyway, along with a mixture of fats and some protien. But its up to you dude. It all really depends on your goals. If your bulking, and not too concerned with bodyfat, then go with malto and protien mix for an mrp. If you concerned with bodyfat, go with a regular meal instead. I use to make my own mrp with protien powder and flax seed. The stuff didn't taste the greatest, but it was an easy to make pro/fat meal.

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    3 meals out of 6-7 as shakes isnt very good, if youre trying to gain wieght use real food. PWO and maybe one more is all the shakes I would take in a day. Too many can mess up your kidneys.

    Why do you want to not add sugar to a shake?? PWO is the best time to add malto and dex to a shake cuz the malto will shuttle protien to muscles faster and more efficiently and dex causes an insulin spike to speed absorption even more. 15-30min after a workout is the most anabolic time, but Im sure you knew that.

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    I would use both if possible. You can always use dextrose and then eat some bottlecaps (or some other Wonka products) to get the malto. Though I doubt there has been any scientific testing of the effects of malto and dextrose vs. dextrose alone. There may not be any significant differences.

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    Check out the stickies in the diet forum. They should help.

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