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    Supp to cause pumps

    Anyone ever use this product:

    Is it good for muscle pumps in the gym? Is it good to get muscle hardness?

    How should you take this? I was planning on drinking one bottle about 15 minutes before my first set and I won't be taking it days I don't lift.
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    its an ok product, but overpriced. An NO Booster product in itself is not that great. But, an NO Booster with creatine and other goodies is where its at. Arginine helps deliver nutritents to the muscles very well. I would look into a product like NO Xplode by BSN.

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    Trac creatine gave me a good pump. Even though most of my use with Trac was during my off period, so i was coming off some pretty intense pumps from the m1t and such.

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