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    Tribulus without gear

    is tribulus worth taking if you are not on gear? i

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    why not, its supposed to boost your natural Test levels, and in my view, every little bit helps. You might want to konsider Tongkat Ali as well

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    I think this can be a very good idea actually! If you feel your test level is a little low I'm sure it would help on the results as the results from workout sucks when the test is too low. I don't think you will notice much effect (possibly placebo effect though?) if you're allready on top.

    I feel like my natural test goes low sometimes because I work in shifts and it desturbs my sleeping routine. I didn't have unwilling (?) erections and I didn't think much about sex. The facial hair grew slower than usual etc. I started tribulus about 10 days ago and I feel the test level has come up even though I only slept 6-6,5 hours each night. Sexdrive went up pretty good first week. Noticed it after about two days - don't think it was placebo. So I'm sure this will affect the results from the workout too.

    If you feel it works for you then do it. If you don't feel anything, just stop. I don't see the point it you don't, cause it is quite expencive. I run it at 650 mgs x 3-4.
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