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    A few questions about this product

    Anyone ever try this product?

    I have a few questions regarding it:

    1) Do you need to cycle this product (ex. 2 months on/1 month off) or could you take it every single day for the rest of your life? Will taking it everyday non stop shut down your natural creatine production?

    2) Do you need to take this product the days you don't train?

    3) Is it good to take this product before a sporting event (ex. boxing)?

    4) I plan on taking 1 scoop about an hour before I workout and days I don't workout I plan on taking it with dinner (around 3:30 pm). Is this wise?

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    1 no
    2 if your trying to conserve costs, no, either way it makes little difference in my experience
    3 sure
    4 If taking on non training days, take it in the morning preferably with a decent amount of carbs. Although with CEE it may not make too much of a difference (w or w/o carbs that is)

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