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Thread: Rogaine

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    chinups Guest


    Some people have told me that rogaine won't work on the peak of the hair in front of the head, u know like where the forehead starts to go bald. Does anyone know about this product? Off to do a search THANKS

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    chinups Guest
    I can get this stuff real cheap, I mean real cheap and I am wondering if I could take advantage of this.

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    Alas, it will not work at the scalp line. A receding hairline is problematic.

    I use a combo of azelaic acid and Rogaine (minoxidil) called Xandrox15: I also use Proscar (which contains the exact same drug as in Propecia but is much, much cheaper - you have to cut the pills in quarters to get the dosage about right).

    The only other drug out there is Avodart (dutasteride) but it is not FDA-approved for hair loss, so most MDs won't write you a prescription for that purpose. It can be obtained from Internet pharmacies but it is expensive. I have no experience with Avodart. Maybe others on this board have.

    Spironolactone (which can also purchased at the website) is advocated by many for the front of the hairline and many particularly use it during a steriod or prohormone cycle. I have used it, but it is kind of smelly and messy.

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