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Thread: ECA Stack

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    ECA Stack

    I know we are not supposed to give source names but I am having a really difficult time getting my hands on Ephedra. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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    Ephedra is no longer available; banned by the FDA. But, you can still buy ephedrine which contains the active ingredient for the ECA fat loss stack. Two manufacturers I know of: Vasopro, which is sold at bulk nutrition and other website retailers. Also, D&E Pharmaceuticals:

    D&E is definitely cheaper. However, you need to fax a copy of your driver's license and another ID source when you place your first order. Why? Ephedrine is an ingredient in crystal meth and D&E obtains this info to ensure that it is selling to legit customers. Some people feel uncomfortable about faxing this info, but I feel that it is nothing that can't be obtained from a credit report. Ephredine is completely legal when not used to manufacture crystal meth.

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    Bro got to Walgreens or any big drug store and buy Bronkaid. Its an over the counter asthma medication. It contains 25mgs of ephedra. Works great for my eca stack. I think its about 12 Bucks for 60 caps.

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    do a google search for Vasapro

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    use only pure ephedrine

    DNE carries it and so do a number of canadian retailers. Kaizen is a good brand.

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