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    Creatine while cutting...

    Hey guys,
    I am going to be cutting soon. I have also come across some creatine (Micronized- Otimum Nutrition). I was wondering what you all thought about taking it while cutting. People seem to have mixed emotions. Let me know...
    Thanks a lot.

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    Well since creatine will cause your muscles to hold water and the goals of cutting are to "cut" fat and excess water....

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    agree w/ solider, if anything i'd take a look at esterified creatine, supposedly it doesn’t hold as much water, i've heard mixed reviews about it. there are several bros here that have tried it, ask around.

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    I would still take it while cutting. Maybe drop it if you are going to be in a competition in a few days. I imagine most of the water retained by it is in the skeletal muscle anyway.

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    I would run a creatine monohydrate/citrate while cutting if you are going to run creatine. The monohydrate puts the water into your muscle cell then the citrate takes the water off your skin cell so you dont look soft.

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    As long as your not cutting for a show or anything, i would run it. While your in a carb deficit from cutting creatine will help maintain muscle and its not going to matter if you put on some water weight when your just a normal guy lifting. I would rather cut and maintain the muscle i have then cut and lose some muscle mass. JMO.

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    I dont know about the whole mon and citrate mumbo jumbo someone posted about, but creatine may make you hold more water. That being said, as NSA pointed out, it can be anti catabolic while dieting. When you take less calories in than you expandf, you will be catabolic, no way around it. So creatine should help you retain more muscle and still cut fat than diet alone. Although you may hold a slight bit of water, the muscle retention is worth it. CEE gives me virtually no bloat, so I would suggest trying a CEE product, but in all reality even on monhydrate the bloat will be low.

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