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    Adderall information needed...

    I have been prescribes adderall and i definately need it becuase i have big problem with depression and ADD/ADHD.

    I take it everyday and it makes me feel normal (which is what I like about it).

    The searches I have done are about people taking for short periods time, but I am wondering if anyone here has taken regurally for a long period time and what the effects have been with regard to weight/muscle mass loss or gain.

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    I have used adderall for years. It is a stimulant, stimulants generally increase focus and attention. But adderall also makes me not want to eat, which is bad if your an athlete. I find that it helps keep focus and intensity in the gym, but generally no weight gain or weight loss for me.

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    The L isomer in adderall will make it harder to eat as NSA said. Dexedrine is better in the regard as it is pure d-amphetamine, compared to adderall which is a mixture of D & L. I would make sure to supplement with dopamine precurors such as l-tyrosine, and also take 1g of ALCAR a day to prevent nuerotoxicity.

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