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Thread: Trib/Tongkat

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    Bought what I thought and is advertised as a natural test booster and sexual performace enhancer. "sexual health package" --

    Comes in powder form and says to take 1 tablespoon, 2x a day.

    I have noticed NO libido/arousal/sexual performace benefit...HOWEVER

    when I take it I feel like I just took a whole bottle of Ephedra and a case of no

    I get the shakes much worse than Clen ever gave me... this is nuts

    The ingredients are (from the bottle)

    Trib 1000mg
    Tongkat 1000mg
    L-Arginine 3000mg
    Mucuna Pruriens 500mg
    Maca 1000mg

    I am trying to figure out what is causing the "ECA like" stimulating effect. The only thing I am thinking is maybe the Arginine but I have taken that before and never had this problem.

    I also figured that maybe the bottle I got was bad so I ordered a second one and the same effects have been noticed.

    I don't see how any supplement could "increase libido" or "sexual performance" when your nervous system is stimulated like an ECA stack. I know when I take ECA no when in heck am I going to get a strong erection that lasts...

    Trying to figure out if these effects are normal or I should just discontinue use.

    I began taking this in addition to PCT 2 weeks ago when coming "off' an 8 week cycle.

    Any ideas?

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    I have never heard of that company...maybe the ingredients are not what they say on the label

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    Thats interesting.. I don't think Tongkat, Trib or Arginine would cause any of those clen -like side effects. I'm not sure what those other two supplements are.

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