hey guys ive just started using this product, my bos is one of few guys that started nutricor and he was telling my bout this product cuz i brought it to his attention that i used no-explode, so i purchased the product from him "a hell of alot cheaper than yall can get if for LOL " and gave it a try, great stuff u cant go wrong with it esspesially if ur an no-explode user (double the creatine per. serving, 10 more servings per container and oh ya cheaper) so i was getting it out that if ur a lil short on money and want the same if not better product than no-explode check into this stuff not trying to advertise or anything (seriously) i just no that no-ex. is not to cheap and has less creatine and less servings than methyl-efx so for all no-explode users check into this stuff and give it a shot, heres a link u can check it out at