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    can i show the info on here to others?

    hey guys,
    I have found on some places on the net, people especially kids are so misinformed on a bunch of different things from diet to suppliments. So i was was wondering if i can paste things from here on other boards and **** like that to help raise some knowlage? There is just so much good info on here, i think it would be great others who dont know **** could learn from it. I will cite who and where i get it from. Hopefully if some younger people who arent members here can learn how to gain naturally, then maybe they wont feel like nothing is working and going for the juice. I know i was like that before i got here. Im not gonna be posting this 100 times all over the net, just maybe 1 or 2 copies. i dont want to piss anybody off by taking their work somewhere else. Thanks, peace

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    i wouldnt see why it would bad, if we can all learn from it and u source it correctly..Jason

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