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Thread: Creatine and ??

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    Creatine and ??

    Well people I need help on what to order. I'm done with my M1T after this week and its time to slowly cut for summer. Had a great M1T experience.(14lbs.) Now it on to Creatine(5 grams) and Glutimine(10grams). What I need to know is what else should I buy while I cut for the next 3-4 months? I always use Whey after workouts with dextrose. On off days I take 1 shake after work. I was thinking about a cutting supplement like lipo-6 but caffeine will not work so good with the creatine I will be taking. Any good advise will be much appeciated! Thanx!

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    -glutamine pre-cardio (if your doing it on an empty stomache)
    -whey post workout with creatine and dextrose (there should be ample glutamine already in the protein powder)
    -Before bed a shake with flax oil or casein protein powder shake

    These are only the essential's I suggest

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    the affects of caffeine on creatine are overrated IMO.

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