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Thread: Creatine pills

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    chinups Guest

    Creatine pills

    I know the Ester creatine in the pill from is getting good review from the boards but what about th creatine monohydrate in pill form? What do you guys think, I am taking anavar and want to stack it with creatine. Whats the best creatine to go with anavar. There are other things in the mix with this cycle but I just for now want to know what creatine goes best with anavar. Thanks

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    Monohydrate should be just as effective in capsules. But your going to be taking a bunch of them at once, so that kind of annoying. Stick with the CEE, it is the new standard in creatine. Also CEE would be better because your using it with anavar so if your doing a cutting stack the CEE will give you all the gains from creatine with none of the bloat.

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    chinups Guest
    Sound good bro!!! Thanks

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    chinups Guest
    ORDERED via!!! Cheapest I found

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