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    anti catabolic supps while cutting

    well im planning a cutter with SD at 10mg 2on 2off 2on and MOHN at 32mg throughout for the 6 weeks but that wont be until april or may I like to keep a good amount of time off between cycles.

    Anyway that will be an aggressive cut Im at 188-190 pounds at 15-16% BF I will be taking and eca alternative like xenadrine(reason being is Ephedrine wreaks havoc on the prostate) But that will be with the anabolics to prevent the muscle loss.

    My goal is 8-9%BF if possible So im assuming around 15 pounds to loose
    Ive cut before at 65%max hrt rate and lost about 2-3 pounds ew so taking this into consideration i think I can loose the weight while on the cycle.

    Now im really concerned about lossing LBM from hear until there.
    I am looking for suggestions on what to take while I try to cut about 5 or so pounds of fat from now until april or may.

    I know HMB doesnt pan out for muscle mass gains but I ordered some anyway to give it a shot in hopes on maybe some slight anti catabolic effects I got it for 10 bucks 100grams so I figured why not.

    i am also going to give rhodiola a shot because I have heard from a few that its adaptagen qualities help with recovery so maybe another sign that it is slightly anticatabolic.

    I will also be useing CEE (not to sure if it is anti-catabolic or not) But it gives me a decent pump and its only 6 bucks.

    Would ALCAR help with muscle preservation at all?

    what else increases protein synthesis?

    Anything else that would help perserve muscle im all ears(suppliment wise I know protein is best.)

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    For cutting: ALCAR, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, EFA's with each meal that you aren't including carbs.....

    For anti-catabolism: L-Glutamine, HMB, BCAA's...
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    You will be hard pressed to find a legal supplement that actually works in being anti catabolic. Possibilities are something like Designer Supps Lean Extreme, which works by lowering cortisol.

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    this might be dumb but i remember something that i think mbaraso was talking about called juven that he said allows him to keep his muscle when he isnt able to work out for a while. might wanna ask him or search for it

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    Do yoga not steroids!!!
    Probably the best thing you can do bro is pay extra attention to your diet. Keep the protien high, and limit your carbohydrates except for pwo. Rely on olive oil and flax seed oil for your fats. ALCAR will help you maintain LBM, but IMO it is best when its injected. At the moment, I'm cutting with CEE and Citrulline malate. So far, I am maintaining a lot of my strength, with no bloat. I hope that helps. Good luck with cutting bro!

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