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    chinups Guest

    Mass Recovery for post workout shake

    I love this drink and it is great for post workout but **** if I will spend 30-40 a box for a post workout shake. I just love the fact I could carry to the gym easily and drink it on the ride home and then still eat dinner about 1 to 1/2 hours later instead of working out going home and then making a shake showering and then making dinner. I guess I would like to here some opinions on what I should do to avoid spending all my shi%tty earnings on supps and over priced gyms. Little Vent...

    Dextrose and protein=mass recovery???

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    Yeah bro, dex+protien will make a great recovery drink. Also you can throw in some other things such as r-ala, vitamin c, vanadyl sulfate, creatine mono or CEE, or citrulline malate. Hope that helps. You can get dex for cheap at

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    Same product by ABB that stuff is pretty good tasting and has a decient amount of protien/carbs.

    My gym charges like 3 bucks per bottle though so I know what you mean.

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    chinups Guest
    What don't you know? I can get them for 2.50 and I still think that is alot.

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