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    what creatine on coming off gear?

    I was taking a test and deca cycle and it got a little screwed a long the way and i got really sick and injured on my job so i had to stop short after only 4 weeks in and i am just now taking clomid and i was jjust wondering is there any suggessted creatine i should be taking or supplements i want to buy creatine but I have never taken creatine before and not really sure what works and what does any help would be appreciated thank. my stats are 20 y/o 11.9%bodyfat and 192 lbs

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    I use the Body tech store brand from the vitamin shopp. Just a pure based creatine. No extra’s, tried to avoid the more expensive custom blends. Have heard and read to avoid the liquid based formulas no real advantage or stability.

    I use creatine on and off cycle. Have never did the loading phase either, but this seems to vary with to whom you speak with.

    Basically, 5 grams a day mixed with anything but an acid based juice. If you forget to keep hydrated you will know later. In short I’m a strong believer in creatine it works and results are visible, not miraculous.

    stats( 190, 6'1, 37 yrs old, soon back on cycle)

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    Relatively cheap, but good brand of creatine. Just take 5g a day after your workout with simple carbs and protein.

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    Any type of creatine will work, wether it be some space aged **** or just the regular monohydrate powder. Personally I would just use the monohydrate and take 5 grams before you work out and 5 grams after and on days you dont go to the gym just take 5 grams in the morning.

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    under your bed
    yes creatine works!! helps the way you lift great for after cycle therapy if your losing gains or what not well ya drink ****en **** loads of water!!

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