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    unsure about dosages of trac creatine by mhp

    I just finished a cycle of test and deca and now i am taking my clomid I jus purchased 2 bottles of trac i have never taken creatine before I was just wondering if anyone has any opinions on the dosages i should take... should I just follow the bottle it says take one serving before workout... I was thinking maybe like 10 grams before workout and 5 after or what im unsure my stats are 20 y/o 5'9 11.5% bodyfat 194 lbs

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    I believe a total serving is 15 grams (with the NO boosters etc) Take one before, and maybe 1/2 after.

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    I took trac last year during my senior yr of highschool now im on another bottle i always took the recomended dosage and have had great results. Awsome pumps and vascularity.

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