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    Question natural test boosters while on AS

    Ok I'm about to start my next cycle which is:

    wk 1-14 Deca (400mg)
    wk 1-15 Test E (500mg)
    wk 1-5 Test Prop (75mg ED)
    wk 15-17 Test Prop (75mg ED)
    Nolva 10mg ED (pct 20mg ed)
    B6 200 mg ED
    Clomid starts 3 days after last prop shot
    Tribulous 4g ed (pct 6g)

    My question is I also have Tongkat ali and ZMA is it ok to take them throughout the cycle together along with trib? And if so at what doses?

    experience is 3 cycles
    5'9 175lbs don't know body fat.

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    You will be hard pressed to raise Testosterone when it is being supressed by exogenous hormones.

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