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Thread: SD kickin time

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    SD kickin time

    How long does it take for SD to 'kick in'? Heres my situation, as long as my dr says its ok (i injured my knee last week playin b-ball), im going on a snowboard trip march 10th. I heard it takes about 10 days for SD to kick in..? So i was going to start today, lift hard thruout till snowboard trip, then ill be out of gym (but still doing active stuff of course) for 5 days. That would be a good rest as my SD is building up and then the day I get back to the gym, my SD should be in full swing and id be good to go. Its either that or I wait 2 more weeks to start my SD cycle, which I dont want to do really.
    Also, ill be taking m4ohn with the SD.

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    It "kicks in" hours after you take it. 10 dyas may be how long it takes to see gains, but it is not like it magically starts working on day 10, and 1-9 nothing is happening. I would take it when I had a full calendar of lifting ahead, wait until after snowbaording.

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    better chance for results if you wait.

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