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    NO2+creatine for cutting?

    Guys I want to know if either, Cellmass or NoExplode will be better for cutting. I am going to mix it with LeanSystem7(2 more weeks of that), Tribulus and NO2. I have already cut dowm substantially but I want to get some of the thicknes back. Will any of those actually help with the cutting??

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    lol im not telling :D
    i have read some research on NO2 and like's and in i believe 3 double blind placebos there was nothing noticable about it the gains were almost identical on both the control and the no'2'rs

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    just take no-explod bro amazing stuff made by BSN

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    In one study it showed a strength increase in 1RM, but no change in LBM/Fat Mass ratio. It helps with nutrient delivery, and strength to a degree. It may be of help when running low carbs and dieting by helping with a pump and getting a good feel on the weight otherwise hard to come by when on low carbs.

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