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    WHat do you guys think?

    Wuz up fellas, well dieting is going good. I found this pills in my house the other day that came with the ABSwing. They are called "Metabolic Optimizer".
    Pantothenic Acid40mg
    Phosphorus 25mg
    Magnesium 19mg
    Bitter Orange(standardized to 5mg synephrine) 85mg
    Caffeine(From Guarana Extrace and Cafeine)300mg
    Guarana Seed extract 910 mg
    Proietery Blend385mg
    Whaite Willow Bark(standardized to 15md salicin),Ginger root,Ltyrosine, Acetyl-L Carnatine,Dmae.

    What do you guys think they expire in JUne, I have about 12days of the LeanSystem7 left and I was wondering If I could throw this into the mix, 1 pill in the mourning before cardio, will it help? Thanks guys!

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    A free product you dont pay for? get what you pay for

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